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About Us



The origins of the word SONA can be traced back to an old Irish word meaning good fortune, prosperity, and happiness. 

SONA is therefore an excellent representation of what we try to embody every day in the services that we provide to our clients as we work with them to achieve long-term financial success.


Our Firm

SONA Wealth Counsel Inc. is an independent fee-based wealth management firm located in Ottawa, Ontario. Our mission is to provide our clients with objective, reliable and factual advice that is relevant to their financial goals. We strive to be the leader in the design and delivery of high value and feature-rich services, and to be regarded as innovators in financial services and wealth management industry. 

SONA Wealth Counsel Inc. is a boutique firm that has no affiliation with any specific financial institution, investment product, or type of security. We are completely independent and derive 100% of our compensation from the fees paid to us directly by our clients. As a result, we focus strictly on providing the best possible advice to our clients. We are not swayed by slick marketing presentations, or influenced in any way by third party commissions when selecting investments for our client portfolios.   


Additional information about Sona’s products and services, details regarding content and frequency of reporting, information about potential conflicts of interest, and a general discussion on various types of investment risk can be found in the Relationship Disclosure Document. We encourage prospective clients to take a few minutes to review this information.


Our Approach

We use an integrated approach to financial planning and wealth management. We understand that tax efficiency can be as important to a client’s long-term financial results as is the portfolio rates of return, and that there may be tax and estate planning issues related to a specific investment strategy. As a result, we ensure that we integrate tax planning, debt management, cash flow needs, insurance, estate issues, and investment strategies as part of our comprehensive approach to financial management – linking all aspects of a family’s finances to balance their short-term and long-term goals.

We build and nurture long-term client relationships based on a client-centric service model that focuses on personal interaction, individual attention, professionalism, and integrity.


Download our relationship disclosure document (pdf)