Asset Class Weightings

Investment recommendations are based on a detailed analysis using sophisticated investment management tools with the assistance of recognized third party investment rating firms. 


To determine the asset class weightings, we first use extensive economic research to develop our underlying financial and economic assumptions. We use various forecasting techniques to predict the likely behaviour of specific asset classes over set time periods. We then carry out a risk correlation analysis to determine the optimum asset allocation for a specific portfolio over the next six to twelve months. 

Investment Selection

We research the marketplace to find the most appropriate investment products to fulfill the mandate. 


When we analyze a particular investment product, our Portfolio Managers remain agnostic – they don’t have a preference for individual securities (stocks and bonds), mutual funds, or ETF’s. Our objective is to build portfolios in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.


SONA Wealth Counsel Inc. is a boutique firm that has no affiliation with any specific financial institution, investment product or type of security. We are completely independent and derive 100% of our compensation from the fees paid to us directly by our clients. As a result, we focus strictly on providing the best possible advice to our clients. We are not swayed by slick marketing presentations, or influenced in any way by third party commissions when selecting investments for our client portfolios.