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Chris Ferris, CFP - Research Associate

Chris Ferris is a Research Associate with SONA Wealth Counsel Inc. Chris holds a Bachelor’s of Commerce Degree with a specialization in finance from the University of Ottawa, which he attained summa cum laude in 2011.  Chris achieved the top grade nationally on the final exam leading to his Certified Financial Planner® designation. He is also currently working towards achieving the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation. 

Chris has been working in the financial services industry for over seven years, with a focus on investment strategy and retirement savings planning. Prior to his financial services career, Chris worked for the BDC venture capital investment fund and for the Canada Revenue Agency. 

In his spare time, Chris enjoys living an active lifestyle, and is an avid motorcyclist. 


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602-1565 Carling Avenue, Ottawa, ON K1Z 8R1, CA

Direct Line: (613) 596-3353 ext. 109